Volunteers play a vital role at JKR. You can volunteer with your group or individually. Either way, we thank you!
Group Service Projects
Our site projects are perfect for churches and organizations who want to donate time, skill, and potentially funds to sponsor a specific area. We can help provide lunch and/or housing for your work group if needed.
Spruce up Oak Commons
Restock firewood, paint railing, clean gutters, trim trees.

Skills: chainsaw, shovel work, weed-eaters, painting.
Brush removal / thinning / debris disposal
Many areas around the creek and the cliffs around Chapel Hill need brush removal and thinning.

Skills: chain saw, loppers, hard work!
Screen Cabin Renovation
Remove old insulation, install new fans and lights, repaint interior
Skills: light construction
Supply Cost: $400
Lookout Point Renovation
Replace old, tired, warped wood with new.

Skills: light construction
Supply Cost: $1,600 (if you want to contribute)
Individual Volunteering
Want to give back to JKR on a regular basis? Contact us to set up a time to chat about how you can get involved. Potential projects for individuals are listed below. We are happy to provide documentation of volunteer hours.
Help answer phones, file papers, do data entry, etc

Skills: customer service, smiling, computer skills, knowing the alphabet
Help us keep the Ranch looking good!

Skills: chain saw, loppers, weed eater, mower (push and riding), hard work!
Use YOUR Skill!
Are you a graphic designer, photographer, chef, contractor, super organizer? Contact us and lets brainstorm a way for you to put your skills to use serving the mission of JKR
Eagle Scout Projects
We love working with Eagle Scouts to complete their service requirment.
Tuesday Trail Crew
Trail Crew is a group of volunteers who show up every Tuesday morning (as many as they can) and help with landscaping, brush clearing, and light construction projects. Contacts us if you would like to be added to the list.