March, 4 / 2020

Hurricane Harvey Camp Scholarship

In partnership with Save the Children and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Children who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey can attend summer camp at John Knox Ranch for at least 50% off.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and flooded much of Southeast Texas 2 and a half years ago. Those impacted are still feeling the financial, emotional, and psychological affects.

John Knox Ranch's summer camp program is intentionally designed as a safe, loving, inclusive space where campers practice communication skills, self confidence, and self awareness in a fun, beautiful, screen-free, natural setting. The international nonprofit, Save the Children, feels that a summer camp experience at John Knox Ranch would be beneficial to children impacted by Hurricane Harvey. In response, they are providing 50% of the session fee in scholarship funding to any child who was impacted by Hurricane Harvey for summer 2020. If families need additional financial assistance there are other scholarship funds available as well that can be applied for during the camp registration process.

Here are the steps to apply for the Hurricane Harvey Camp Scholarship:
  1. Pick your summer camp session, all sessions are eligible.
  2. Register through our camp registration portal, link on each session page
  3. During the registration process, apply for a scholarship. Siblings can each apply for a scholarship.
  4. On the scholarship page, respond to the question "Was your family impacted by Hurricane Harvey?" Your home does not need to have flooded in order to be eligible. If you lived in a high impact area during Hurricane Harvey, you are eligible.
  5. Once you submit your scholarship application, we will contact you with your awarded amount within 2 weeks and you can confirm your registration.
We are so grateful for the partnership with Save the Children that allows us to offer this scholarship opportunity. Help us spread the word about this opportunity by sharing this page with anyone you know who would benefit. Thanks.
Summer Camp 2020 is here. See the details.