April 22 / 2021

JKR 2021 Communicable Disease Safety Plan

We are planning an amazing summer of camp ministry at John Knox Ranch. Camp will look a bit different this summer. Our goal is to create the same loving, accepting community through outdoor fun and adventure while keeping your kids safe. The Covid19 Pandemic creates a unique situation that calls for community response. The safety of camp this summer depends on a partnership between camp staff and camp families. What happens outside of camp is just as important as what happens within it.

We have developed the following Summer 2021 safety plan based on mandatory guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Camp Association (ACA), the YMCA, the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN), and Texas Department of State Health Services. Our plan is based on the information and guidance that we have today. It is subject to change based on changes in the guidance.

John Knox Ranch is well suited to meet these guidelines

  • The safety guidelines call for camps to segment campers into small groups that do their activities together as a group throughout the session. JKR has been using this family unit structure as the foundation of our camping program since 1963!
  • The CDC makes it clear that outdoor activities are much less risky than indoor activities, and that children between the ages of 8 and 17 are in a very low risk group. We have the best outdoor space of any camp anywhere and our campers love being outside!
  • The majority (if not all) of our staff will receive a COVID 19 Vaccine before the beginning of camp.
Your cancellation options will remain the same throughout the summer

If at any point you feel this is not the right summer for your camper or you feel you are unable to fulfill the family portion outlined in this safety plan, you can:

To make any changes to your registration, please email Lori Bruns jkroffice[at]missionpby.org as soon as you have made a decision.

Even if your child shows symptoms at the initial screening at check-in and cannot attend camp that session, you will still have all of these options.

Before Summer Camp Starts:

Campers with Underlying Medical Conditions

While children have been less affected by COVID-19 compared with adults, children can be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 and some children develop severe illness. Children with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness compared to children without underlying medical conditions. Current evidence suggests that children with medical complexity, with genetic, neurological, metabolic conditions, or with congenital heart disease can be at increase risk for severe illness from Covid19. Similar to adults, children with obesity, asthma or chronic lung disease, sickle cell disease, or immunosuppression can also be at increased risk from severe illness from Covid19.

If your camper has an underlying medical condition which puts them at a higher risk for Covid-19 complications:

  1. Consult with your healthcare provider to assess their risk and determine if camp is right for your camper this year.
  2. Ask your healthcare provider for written documentation approving your child for camp this summer and of any requested accommodations for the camper.
  3. Share this written documentation with camp ASAP.
Mandatory Pre-Camp Screening
One of our goals is to make sure all campers are healthy before they arrive at camp. To meet that goal each camp family will have to do one of the two options below. This is mandatory in order for your child to attend.

Option 1: Taking and recording your child(ren)'s temperature and screening for symptoms for 14 days prior to their respective session. JKR will provide a "Pre-Camp Health Screening" form approved by the Association of Camp Nurses through email and in the "document center" of the registration portal. This form must be completed and turned in a check in. If your camper experiences any symptoms associated with Covid19 during the 14 days prior to the beginning of their session, we advise you to get a PCR Covid test immediately and please contact the camp office ASAP to discuss your options.

Option 2: Provide a copy of the camper's vaccine card showing that the camper is fully vaccinated against Covid19. You will be required to bring a copy (to be left at camp) and turn it in at check in.

You must present a completed "Pre-Camp Health Screening form" OR a copy of the camper's Covid19 vaccination record when you arrive at camp for drop off. To ensure the safety of everyone, campers without one of these two completed forms will not be admitted to camp.

Campers with underlying medical conditions placing them at high risk for Covid-19 must have a letter from their medical provider approving them for camp this summer.

Check-In Procedures

In order to limit large gatherings and exposure in our cabins, our Check-In process will be different this summer.

  • Campers and parents will be given drop off times depending on what cabin group they are in in order to stagger the number of people on site at once
  • We recommend only one guardian bring the camper to drop off
  • All campers must turn in their completed Pre-Camp Health Screening form OR copy of camper's Covid19 vaccination card.
  • Each camper family will go through a screening process with a temperature check and general questions about the camper/s' health with our health care manager.
  • All staff will be required to wear protective masks during check-in
  • We recommend that the designated parent or guardian wear a protective mask during check in
  • Please pack medications separate from the camper belongings, as our health manager or health assistant will take medications during this check-in. All medications must be in their original bottle or box and be prescribed specifically to the individual child and be listed on their health form.
  • This year, please do not leave care packages with your camper or our staff during check-in.
Mail at Camp

  • This year, please do not leave care packages with your camper or our staff during check-in.
  • Please do not leave or send candy or any food with your camper. Food in the cabins attracts unwanted visitors like ants and roaches.
  • Please do mail your camper letters while at camp. Campers love receiving letters from home while at camp. It is helpful to us if you put your campers cabin name on the outside of the envelope.
  • For a small fee you (or any other loved ones) can email your camper through our registration portal and we will print it out and deliver the email.
  • If you really want to send your camper a gift while at camp, we encourage you to visit our online camp store (link on our website johnknoxranch.org). You can purchase any store item we will deliver it to your camper while they are at camp. Please note that you would like the item delivered to the camper if that is your preference.
During Summer Camp
  • Our Health Care Manager will conduct daily health screenings and temperature checks of each camper.
  • If a camper has a fever of over 100.4 degrees F or exhibits other symptoms associated with Covid19, that camper will be immediately quarantined and sent home within 8 hours.
  • If a camper is sent home, we encourage parents to follow up with JKR regarding any updates. Updates about positive Covid19 cases will be shared with all camper parents in the same session.
  • All facilities will be properly sanitized daily, or after use.
  • Hand washing stations and hand sanitizers will be available and must be used after all activities.
  • Proper signage will be posted throughout camp i.e. handwashing technique, proper sneezing technique. Campers and staff will be trained on proper handwashing, sneezing, coughing, etc.
  • Social Distancing at Camp - The CDC and ACA have recommended "family groups" to stay together during activities and programming. JKR has been operating on this guideline for years as we keep our counselors and campers together for activities throughout the day.
  • All campers and staff will sleep head to toe and be properly distanced in cabins.
  • Cabin groups (family units) will be kept separate to the best of our capabilities.
  • No visitors are permitted on campgrounds without special permission from the directors.
  • All program will take place outdoors whenever possible including arts and crafts, evening program, and chaplain time.
  • Campers and staff will wear masks when inside buildings except for when inside "family group" cabins. Only members of the "family group" will enter their assigned cabin.
  • Please send at least 7 masks with your camper to camp and label them with the camper name if they are reusable.
Day Camp
  • All Day Campers will wear masks while inside buildings (campers will not be required to wear masks outdoors and we will be outdoors as much as possible!). Please send 2 masks with your child each day of day camp.
  • Day Camp and Resident Camp will be kept separate as much as possible with separate meal times, staff, activities, and locations.
  • Check-in and pick-up will take place at 9am in the cedar trees next to the meeting house.
  • We encourage only one parent/guardian to bring the child and request that they wear a mask.
  • Guardians will not be allowed to enter the Meeting House at daily drop off or pick up.
  • All Day Camp Staff will wear masks while using indoor space.
Food and Meals
  • We will continue to make the homemade meals your kids love but serving the meals will look different this year.
  • All meals must be served by qualified staff wearing protective masks.
  • All kitchen staff must wear protective masks and gloves.
  • Day camp will eat lunch an hour earlier than resident camp.
  • Cabin groups will need to sit at least 6 ft apart from other cabins during meals.
  • We recommend that campers are limited to one person picking them up at a time and guardians should wear face masks.
  • Campers will be picked up at their cabins. Campers will pack and remove their belongings from the cabin.
  • Pick up times will be staggered in order to limit the number of people on site at one time. Campers who have siblings will be allowed to check-out together with the earliest pick-up time.
  • All bunks and cabins will be sanitized after campers have left.
Safety Partnership between Camp and Families
The safety of camp this summer depends on a partnership between camp staff and camp families. Below is a summary of Camp Family responsibilities.

  • Determine if camp this summer is right for your child and your family. Talk to your primary care physician if your child has an underlying medical condition that puts them at an increased risk of severe illness and get a letter from them approving your camper for camp.
  • Conduct 2 week prescreening before your camper's session and bring completed form to check-in; OR bring a copy of your camper's completed Covid19 vaccine card. If you do not bring either the Covid vaccine record or the completed "Pre-camp Screening form" with you to check-in, your camper will not be permitted to stay for their session.
  • Ensure that all forms, including your vaccination shot record, are uploaded to the camp registration portal in UltraCamp. You will need to log in to the registration portal and sign this form electronically. https://www.ultracamp.com/clientlogin.aspx?idCamp=912&campCode=LMy
  • Package all medicine in a clear zip lock bag and keep separate from luggage to be prepared to meet with the health care provider at check-in.
  • Follow all recommendations for check-in and pick-up and wear a face mask.
  • Send masks (labeled with your camper's name) to camp for use when they are inside buildings. Please send 7 masks per week for resident camp and 2 per day for day camp.
If you are unable to meet these requirements for any reason, please do not send your child to camp at JKR this summer. We love you and we will see you next year.

If camp is right for your camper and your family this year, please review our safety plan carefully and register ASAP to reserve your spot. please register here.

Summer Camp is here. See the details.