April 1 / 2021

Pollinator Garden Growing at JKR

Eagle Scout Morgan Jones Finishes Construction of his Final BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Project

Morgan Jones and Troop 1 recently completed the construction of his fourth and final BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Project. Last fall, Morgan and Troop 1 installed a 400 gallon water tank, and built two 4 x 8 foot pollinator flower beds filled with nutrient-rich top soil. The Gutter Tech company of Austin donated all labor and materials to install a 53 foot section of seamless gutter at the "Meeting House" at John Knox Ranch. This project cost over $1400 and required 234 hours of work

Morgan and Troop 1 planted 20 deer-resistant pollinator plants, installed "soaker hoses" and innovative deer fence made out of 40 lb. fishing line attached to 9 T-posts, and supplied "butterfly rocks" where butterflies can drink and rest.

Morgan created a sign to educate visitors on the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem. The water tank has a dual spigot—one for the soaker hoses and the second so children can fill their watering cans to water plants during summer camp. Morgan will research the effectiveness of the project for the next three months and then submit PowerPoint presentations that summarize all four of his conservation projects for a Board of Review conducted by BSA's National Conservation Committee by the end of June.

Scoutmaster Paul Slutes recently remarked: "What is truly remarkable about Morgan is that he initiated, designed, and completed four harder than Eagle Conservation Projects during the Covid-19 pandemic. Morgan is an inspiration to every Scout and adult in our Troop."