July 15 / 2020

Fishing Line Receptacle Installed at JKR

Fish and Wildlife are now Safer at John Knox Ranch's Waterfront thanks to Scout Project

Fish and wildlife at John Knox Ranch are now safer thanks to Eagle Scout Morgan Jones, son of Rev. Dr. David and Dr. Jennifer Jones, and BSA Troop 1, First Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX. Morgan and Troop 1 recently constructed and installed a Fishing Line Recycling Receptacle and an Educational Sign that informs the public on how to recycle fishing line responsibly as he works toward his BSA Conservation Award. Improperly discarded fishing line (sometimes with hooks left on it) is hazardous to fish and wildlife because they often get tangled in it.

The Recycling Receptacle and Educational Sign are prominently attached to the JKR's fishing shed and will be used by visitors and during our summer camp program. Improperly disposed of fishing line can end up in landfills, lakes and oceans. Morgan explained that used fishing line can't be recycled in conventional residential recycling programs and throwing used fishing line in the trash most likely means it will end up in the ocean damaging wildlife. Now we will properly recycle our discarded line by sending it to the Berkley Fishing Line Company who will melt it down and responsibly repurpose it into tackle boxes and toys.

Morgan and Troop 1 installed Educational Signs and six other receptacles—three at Camp Mabry and Three at Barkley Meadows County Park. Morgan is currently planning more environmental projects at JKR to complete his Conservation Award. More to come!