Aug 5 / 2022

Funding Opportunities

What impact would you like to make at John Knox Ranch?

Below is a list of site improvement funding opportunities to help us better meet the needs of our campers and retreat participants. If you are interested in contributing to one of the below projects, please contact Executive Director, Henry Owen and visit our donate page.

Rainwater collection on existing bathhouses. Clean water is a scarce resource in the Texas Hillcountry. We should not be using drinking water from our well to flush toilets. This project would add a 1,500 gallon metal rainwater collection tank to each of the existing bathhouses so that we can use rainwater for toilet flushes. Each of the 3 rainwater collection projects will cost $7,000. UPDATE: We've got one of the rain water collection systems completed and we are looking forward to getting the other two done.

New Roof on Main Showerhouse. The current roof on the main showerhouse is rotting and needs to be replaced. We plan to install a slightly pitched metal roof that will match our other facilities and enable us to collect rain water for flushing toilets. We estimate the total cost of this renovation to be $18,000. We have received $7,500 toward this project.

Screen cabin renovations. We love our screen cabins and have identified a set of upgrades to make them more comfortable and user-friendly. In each of our 10 cabins, we plan to install an exhaust fan, a new ceiling fan, and new LED lighting. Material costs for screen cabin renovations are around $1,000. This would make a great group volunteer project!

Dining Hall Chairs. One of the goals of our strategic plan is to host more adult retreats throughout the year. New, comfortable dining chairs (with lumbar support!) will help keep our guests more comfortable during a presentation, workshop, or one of our legendary homemade meals. We need to raise $15,000 for 175 chairs and have received $2,000 designated for this project.

Lifeguard dock at Blue Hole. Having a dedicated place for a lifeguard to stand to get the best coverage will make lifeguarding at Blue Hole easier. We anticipate this project will cost $4,000.

New Benches around the Campfire. The Wimberley ISD shop class has agreed to build us 10 new campfire benches as part of their school projects! They are donating their labor. Supplies for this project will cost $1,500.

Donations Needed:
RV Camper Trailer. We are in need of an RV camper trailer to use as flexible onsite staff housing for our new apprenticeship intern program. If you have one you are willing to donate or sell at a discounted rate, please let us know. Thanks!