Oct 5 / 2021

Funding Opportunities

What impact would you like to make at John Knox Ranch?

Below is a list of site improvement funding opportunities to help us better meet the needs of our campers and retreat participants. If you are interested in contributing to one of the below projects, please contact Executive Director, Henry Owen and visit our donate page.

Solar Array on the Meeting House roof. The monthly electric bill for John Knox Ranch is over $3,000! We live in Texas with an abundance of sun. The Meeting House has an ideal South facing roof and is primarily used for day camp, environmental education, and a gathering space for groups. A solar array on the Meeting House could replace all the energy used by the Meeting House, pool (with large filter pumps!), and pool bathhouse. This project would reduce our utility bills and be an education piece for campers and guests. A solar array large enough to replace all the energy used at this meter will cost $37,000.

Rainwater collection on existing bathhouses. Clean water is a scarce resource in the Texas Hillcountry. We should not be using drinking water from our well to flush toilets. This project would add a 1,500 gallon metal rainwater collection tank to each of the existing bathhouses so that we can use rainwater for toilet flushes. Each of the 3 rainwater collection projects will cost $7,000.

New Roof on Main Showerhouse. The current roof on the main showerhouse is rotting and needs to be replaced. We plan to install a slightly pitched metal roof that will match our other facilities and enable us to collect rainwater for flushing toilets.

Dining hall bathhouse. Another casualty of the massive 2015 flood of the Blanco River was the bathhouse near the dining hall. With an increase in camper numbers we need to replace the dining hall bathroom facility which will include toilets (flushed with rainwater!) and showers. The bathroom will also include two trough sinks to allow campers to wash their hands on their way into the dining hall.

Screen cabin renovations. We love our screen cabins and have identified a set of upgrades to make them more comfortable and user-friendly. In each of our 10 cabins, we plan to install an exhaust fan, a new ceiling fan, and new LED lighting. Material costs for screen cabin renovations are around $1,000. This would make a great group volunteer project!

Lookout point needs a refresh. Old, tired, warped wood needs to be replaced so that Lookout point can continue to provide breathtaking views for decades to come.

Treehouse and zip line. We are adding a new, fun adventure element! The zip line will be used by kids and adults through summer camp and retreat season. The zip line cable has been installed but we need a small treehouse in order to access it safely.

Dining Hall Chairs. One of the goals of our strategic plan is to host more adult retreats throughout the year. New, comfortable dining chairs (with lumbar support!) will help keep our guests more comfortable during a presentation, workshop, or one of our legendary homemade meals. We need to raise $15,000 for 175 chairs and have received $2,000 designated for this project.