Our list of professional service needs is aimed at finding those willing to donate their time and professional services to benefit JKR.  We need committed individuals, who not only care about JKR, but can also lend their services through action.

Please Contact the Executive Director Henry Owen jkrdirector@missionpby.org for more details.

  1. Certified Public Accountant – Assistance in reviewing our current budget, accounting systems and planning. We are looking for someone who can help review our new standards and current practices to ensure we are as transparent as possible.  We are also looking for someone who can deliver an informal audit on our business transactions and practices.
  2. Fundraising Assistance – The current business model requires that JKR triple its fundraising and grants from $40,000 to $105,000. JKR has started an Alumni group and soon a friends group.  We need experienced fundraisers who can advise and assist.  These need to be via Presbyterian Channels and civic/environmental / conservation outlets.
  3. Grant Writers – The nature of JKR experience lends its self to a plethora of grant and scholarships but JKR lacks the staff/resources to find or write the grants.
  4. Marketing Professional – JKR has never had a thorough marketing plan for either summer camp or its retreat center.  The ranch could benefit from someone willing to assist in developing an easy to use marketing plan.
  5. Graphic Designers (print, social media and web) – Any marketing plan will require graphic design through its web page, brochures, literature and social media. The ranch has a loose identity but not the bandwidth or skills to create a professional design
  6. Rental of heavy equipment. With 300 acres there is always maintenance issues and needs at the ranch and a considerable expense has been incurred in heavy equipment rentals such as cherry pickers and tractor parts.  It would be amazing to find someone who could help reduce these costs.
  7. HR development – Currently JKR loosely follows Mission Presbytery employee handbook but needs an updated revision for both full and part-time staff. It should be complete with Standard Operating Procedures and include a new employee orientation as well as a volunteer manual.
  8. Landscape Architect / Engineer – The ranch would like to build a new natural play area that would include the use of natural materials for children to climb and explore. Included could be a simple zip line. Compliance with the state would require plans be sealed by a Landscape Architect and Engineer.  We also have various structures such as the concrete dam and lookout point that would benefit from review.
  9. Arborist – JKR has many trees down and some are larger than the staff can handle. We are looking for someone with experience who could assist and even look to recycle the lumber for sale.

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