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Call Us 1 (830) 935-4568 | Drop Us A Line

Oak Commons

Centrally located near the Duplex Cabins, Oak Commons accommodates approximately 30-40 people. This space is perfect for both meeting and/or dining. It has a fireplace, an expansive back porch, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, Wi-Fi, and AC/heat.

Meals: We are willing to prepare delicious homemade meals for guests at John Knox Ranch. We will work with your group (20 or more) to plan a menu that fits your dietary and programming needs. Our food is some of the BEST around, so let us feed you! $9 breakfast, $10 lunch, $11 supper

Please contact us if you are interested in renting this property. Availability is subject to change.
Rental Season: August 15th-May 15th

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