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Hosting Summer Camp Since 1963

John Knox Ranch began on July 10, 1962 with the purchase of the 254-acre Meyer Ranch about 20 miles southwest of San Marcos, culminating a three-year search for a retreat and fellowship center site. In 1968, the Presbytery bought another 46 acres, bringing the property to its current 300 acres while adding several hundred feet of creek frontage and capturing one of the most beautiful, heavily-wooded areas now on the Ranch. The Red Cabin (now the Calvin Cottage), the adjacent stone storage building and the tank house/windmill were part of the original property purchase.

The first John Knox Ranch Summer Camp was held in the summer of 1963, and we haven’t looked back since!

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John Knox Ranch is a Christian Camp, conference, and retreat center. We are rooted and grounded in the history and tradition of the Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Protestant faith. To our Presbyterian understanding, precisely because this is a Christian place, absolutely everyone is fully welcome. We welcome you as Christ welcomed all people into the grace of God.



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