John Knox Ranch is a special place. As a camper, counselor, and upper leadership staff, I have experienced firsthand the transformational, loving, Christian community of John Knox Ranch.

I now realize that I have been preparing to serve as Executive Director of JKR ever since my first summer as an eight-year-old camper. My qualifications stem from growing up in the Presbyterian Church (UPC San Antonio), my experience establishing Friendship Gardens in Charlotte, NC, and my time serving as Executive Director of the Nature Discovery Center in Houston.

Each stop on my journey has allowed me to realize my lifelong goals of positively impacting kids’ mental, spiritual, and emotional development as well as helping all people connect to and appreciate the natural world.

I am humbled and honored to serve John Knox Ranch. This is the right time for me and for my family. My wife Emily is an ordained Presbyterian pastor and has practiced ministry in a church setting and as a hospital chaplain. Together we have two boys, Jack Henry (age 7) and Ross (age 4), who might be the most excited in the family about our move to the Ranch.

Thank you all for your commitment to this important ministry. I look forward to working together.


Henry with wife Emily, and sons Jack Henry and Ross


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