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Environmental Stewardship Programs

John Knox Ranch seeks to care for the earth, and to be good stewards of the land with which we have been entrusted. From planting native hardwood trees to managing the ash juniper population to caring for the water sources at the Ranch, JKR welcomes groups and/or individuals to participate with us in caring for our natural resources.

Monarch butterflies find a home with us each year as they migrate to and from their winter and summer destinations. From cultivating native milkweed to providing sanctuary to these marvelous creatures, we strive to protect their habitat.

We have also partnered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to care for the land with which we have been entrusted. Through the agency’s Private Lands Agreement Cost-Share Program, John Knox Ranch has taken steps to

  1. plant native Texas hardwood trees to the Carper’s Creek watershed area,
  2. reintroduce native vegetation and grasses to our grassland area,
  3. manage the ash juniper population of our property, including the areas that are habitat spaces for the Golden-cheeked Warbler, and
  4. offer interpretive signage educating guests about this work.

Year in and year out, we continue to seek ways to care for the world around us. We welcome your partnership in this endeavor!


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