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Summer Staff

Are you searching for a way to make a difference in the lives of children and youth? Are you longing for a tangible way to grow in your faith and to share it with others? Do you love the outdoors and do you have a sense of adventure? Are you flexible, creative, patient, fun loving, kind, and responsible – to the best of your ability? Do you want to wear shorts and t-shirts to work every day this summer? If so, then keep reading…

JKR is a place where all are welcome; where identity is formed through self-awareness and service, where differences are celebrated; where children grow into counselors, counselors become leaders, and leaders bring patience, inclusion, and excellent servant leadership to their own professions and communities.

In submitting your application for summer employment, you are completing the first step toward becoming a member of a very special group of people who are part of changing the lives of young people each summer through an outdoor Christian camping experience. Summer Camp at John Knox Ranch runs for seven weeks with a ten-day staff orientation period beforehand, and a break in the middle of the summer. Camp sessions are mostly one week in length, with the exception of one 2-week session.

How to Apply
Submit your application HERE. When we have received all your information, a staff person will call and conduct phone interviews with returning staff, and set up an interview with first-time applicants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or contact us at (830) 935-4568. We look forward to hearing from you!

Open Summer Jobs. 

Junior Counselor. Our Junior Counselor program is an important step in our leadership development program. JC’s are unpaid but also do not have to pay. They are the transition from camper to paid staff. JC’s choose to serve 1 of 2 sessions each summer that last 3 or 4 weeks. JCs live on-site with different cabin groups each week. During the day, JCs work with Day Campers; in the evenings, JCs help Counselors with their resident camp cabin groups. JCs help in overall functions of the camp, including but not limited to: kitchen duty, activity set-up and clean up, and light maintenance. All JCs MUST participate in a 3-day orientation prior to camp. Age: Rising 11th and 12th graders. Apply HERE!

Counselor. John Knox Ranch Summer Camp Counselors live in cabins with 5 to 9 campers and act as friend, parent, mentor, and guide to the campers. Counselors are with campers around the clock, but are given breaks each day, including a 24-hour break at the end of every one week session. One to two weeks out of the summer, a counselor will be put in a support staff role. As support staff, an individual can expect to lifeguard, help in the kitchen, and do light maintenance work. In all areas, counselors help foster a climate of spiritual growth, fun, and community.
Age: Must have just graduated from High school or be 19 years or older. NOTE: If you plan on attending Triennium in the summer of 2019, we will work with you so that you can do both summer camp and Triennium. Go ahead and apply!
Apply HERE!

Upper Leadership Positions. All Upper Leadership Positions participate in leading Staff Training week; schedule and supervise staff; schedule daily activities; help plan and carry out all activities; participate in overall leadership and decisions regarding camp; help foster a climate of spiritual growth for campers and staff.

Day Camp/Junior Counselor Director (2). Day Camp/JC Directors plan, coordinate and lead the 6-week Day Camp program for 4 – 10 year-olds. This position oversees the Junior Counselor program, including orientation, Day Camp supervision, break time activities, and spiritual development of Junior Counselors. Day Camp/JC Directors will work with the Summer Camp Director to plan and implement a schedule of activities for campers. Must hold or be willing to obtain current ropes and lifeguarding certifications.
Age: 21 years or above or Completed 3 years of college

Ropes Adventure Director (2). Adventure Directors are responsible for leading campers through high & low challenge activities as well as climbing and rappelling activities. They must possess leadership skills, knowledge and the willingness to participate in all of these activities. Ropes Directors will work with the Summer Camp Director and will be responsible for checking equipment, logging equipment usage, and maintaining and enforcing all safety policies at all times. Must hold or be willing to obtain current ropes facilitation and lifeguarding certifications. Age: 20 years and completed two years of college

Leaders in Training Director (2). Leadership Training Directors oversee the Leaders in Development (LIT) program. LIT Program Managers will work with the Summer Camp Director to plan and implement the LIT curriculum, which consists of learning leadership skills, both personally and within group settings. Must hold or be willing to obtain current ropes and lifeguarding certifications. Age: 20 or completed two years of college

Arts & Crafts/Media Director. This position is responsible for planning, preparing, and executing arts & crafts activities for Day and Resident campers. Duties include ordering needed supplies, teaching and leading art activities, and encouraging campers in their artistic pursuits. They will also be responsible for photographing life at camp as well as managing the camp photo website for parent viewing and ordering. In addition, any camp videos, blogs, or special media is the responsibility of the media coordinator. Age: 20 or completed 2 years of college

Waterfront Director. This position is a member of the upper leadership team and responsible for conducting swim check on all campers the first day of the session as well as vacuuming the pool and maintaining all waterfront supplies and locations. Must hold or be willing to obtain current ropes and lifeguarding certifications. Age: 20 or completed 2 years of college

Health Care Director. This position provides for the health care of campers and staff.  The Health Care Director distributes and logs medication; manages the infirmary; screens campers upon arrival; maintains health care records; administers minor first aid per doctor’s standing orders, and participates in overall leadership and decisions regarding camp requirements. First Aid & CPR certifications required. RN, LVN, EMT, ECA, WFR, Advanced First Aid or student health care certifications are preferred. Age: 21 years or above or Completed 3 years of college

Cook/Kitchen Support Staff. Do you want to be involved in the life of summer camp? Do you like to cook, or do you want to learn how? Are you hard working, dependable, and can you learn quickly? Kitchen support staff will help the JKR Cooks prepare and serve meals during camp. Tasks will involve everything from cutting vegetables and preparing the salad bar, baking bread, helping with dishes, taking care of the tasks required to feed and serve campers and staff. Age 17 (rising High School senior) and up.

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