John Knox Ranch is on a new, 3-year business plan, that calls for a much greater degree of transparency.  We want to ensure the Ranch operates with the awareness, involvement, and consensus of our community of supporters and stakeholders. In the effort to run the Ranch as efficiently and responsibly as possible and to conserve funds in our limited, recovery budget, prior to making purchases, where appropriate, we search for the needed item by donation.

Currently, as we are in a revitalization process with the facilities, the list of needs for the Ranch is growing.  We have created a comprehensive list of needs including needed items, goods and services and are seeking these by donation.  We are asking our network to assist us in getting the list circulated through mission presbytery, the local community and those who support the Ranch.

We have three categories of needs:

Professional / Service Needs

Specific Needs (lists of items)

Service Project Needs






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